The Utah Restaurant Association Proudly Presents
Emmy® Award Winning TeenChef Pro
Sunday Mornings 9:30 AM

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Join 12 Utah TeenChefs as they compete for the opportunity of a lifetime: a four-year scholarship to Johnson & Wales University and the dream of becoming a professional chef. Hand-selected to compete on the teams of 3 of Utah’s hottest Chefs; MentorChef Tyler Stokes – Provision SLC, MentorChef Justin Shifflett – Stoneground Kitchen and MentorChef Jodie Rogers – Deer Valley Resort. Join host Michael Mchenry, Founder Of McHenry Restaurant Group along with some of Utah’s best culinarians as guest judges guide our TeenChefs as they are introduced skills and techniques each week for the teens to learn. They only have two burners and 60 minutes to create a dish for the MentorChefs who blindly taste the dishes as the Mentor Judges and choose the winning dish.

The team with the winning dish gets to decide which two teens will duel against one another in a culinary cook-off. The two dueling teens only have 15 minutes to prepare an amuse bouche to see who will go home and who will stay to cook another day.

Both Mentor Chefs whose teen does not lose in the duel may SAVE the teen going home by choosing a teen from their team to go home instead to craft their perfect team.

ProStart is the Utah Restaurant Association’s school-to-career curriculum providing juniors and seniors in high school with critical skills they will need to enter the restaurant industry at a competitive and experienced level.

Introducing Our Host
Michael McHenry

The McHenry Group

Michael McHenry, Teen Chef Pro Host


Meet Our MentorChefs


Ryker Brown

Chef Tyler Stokes

Salt Lake City

Justin Shifflett

Chef Justin Shifflett

Stoneground Kitchen
Salt Lake City

Blue Team


Green Team


Red Team


You Be The Judge

You be the judge each week by visiting the Brass Tag, Provisions and Stoneground Kitchen, to taste each dish for yourself!

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Who Stays To Cook Another Day?

A Mentor Chef may SAVE the teen going home but must send a member from his own team home instead.



Welcome to the Duel

The team with the winning dish is safe to compete another week. The MentorChefs must then choose a TeenChef from their team to compete in a 10 minute culinary cook-off.




Judges Table

Our MentorChefs are isolated while their teams cook. Although they helped pack the TeenChef Pro panty bags, they don’t know what team picked their bag and must judge each dishes on taste, presentation, and execution of ingredients without knowing which team prepared it.




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